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Please keep this guide on "Travel with Pets"!
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In recent years, with the increasing number of pet owners, the demand for carrying pets for travel has also been increasing. Especially before and after the long holiday, many pet owners who work outside also struggle with how to take their pets home. To meet this demand, many transportation institutions and travel platforms have launched a new track of "pet travel".

Pets are expected to take high-speed rail

Recently, the China Railway Customer Service Center launched a survey questionnaire on "high-speed rail pet transportation for railway passengers", which has sparked heated discussions. It is reported that the questionnaire consists of 15 questions, which are collected based on the needs of pet transportation, pet keeping time, pet quantity, pet type, pricing standards, how to protect, appointment services, and relevant opinions and suggestions. Many people believe that this means that in the near future, pets can also take high-speed trains to travel with their owners.

However, achieving high-speed rail for pets is not as simple as "one click opening", and a complete set of refined management measures and supporting facilities are needed. So how did passengers who previously chose to travel by rail transport their pets? Chen Ming, a staff member of the Zhangzhou train depot, said, "Some regular speed trains can handle pet transportation. According to regulations, pets that meet the requirements can be transported by train or escorted. Passengers can call China Railway Express (95572) to inquire whether pet transportation services can be handled at the departure and arrival stations. In the Zhangzhou area, there are stations such as Zhangpu, Yunxiao, and Zhao'an that cannot handle pet transportation."

In addition, passengers need to obtain an animal quarantine certificate for their pets after confirming that they can handle check-in services at the station. Generally, this can be done at the local animal epidemic prevention station. Finally, the passenger should bring their ID card and animal quarantine certificate to the business window of the station check-in hall before the train departs, and complete the check-in and escort procedures. It should also be noted that the weight of pets checked in cannot exceed 20 kilograms. Pets that are within a distance of 200 kilometers and have no feeding needs midway can be directly checked in; Pets with a distance of over 200 kilometers or a need for midway feeding need to be transported with the vehicle. Passengers need to purchase a ticket for the same train as the pet to arrive at the destination.

Pet car has been launched

The hot demand for carrying pets for travel has also led many car travel platforms to focus on the pet race, such as Hello Pet Travel, Pack Pet Travel, and Didi Pet Travel.

At the beginning of this year, the Hello Travel platform launched a pet travel service section, which has now been opened nationwide. There are two types of car models available for users to choose from on the platform, namely the Pet Express, which defaults to independent travel for pets. Local reservations can be made 3 days in advance, while cross city reservations can be made 7 days in advance; Pet car, default support for people and pets traveling together, users can choose the number of people to follow on the ticket page, appointment is not currently supported, and will depart immediately after release. It is recommended that users arrange their travel time in advance.

It is reported that Hello Pet Travel strictly selects pet friendly drivers to take orders, specially designed for pet transportation, foster care, medical and other scenarios in the same city and across cities. All platform order drivers have received special training; Users will receive pet accident insurance as a gift upon placing an order; During the driving process, users can view the driving path in real-time online, and can also place orders to add additional services such as pet seating and taking photos during the journey.

In April of this year, Tuo Chong Chuxing announced that it would lower the fare for trips ranging from 5 to 15 kilometers to 4.2 yuan/kilometer, 15 to 50 kilometers to 3.6 yuan/kilometer, and over 50 kilometers to 3 yuan/kilometer, hoping to provide more favorable services for fecal collectors.

In addition to road transportation, currently, major domestic airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, and Hainan Airlines all provide pet check-in services. Among them, Hainan Airlines also launched pet cabin care services, allowing passengers to bring pets into the cabin. Shenzhen Airport was the first in the country to open a pet waiting hall in May this year. Pets will enjoy specialized security check boarding channels, dedicated care, scheduled patrols, and on-demand feeding and watering services here. Pets stranded due to flight delays can also enjoy free foster care services. Passengers with needs can check the processing procedures through the official websites, apps, or telephone customer service of various airlines.