May every thought

accompany the healthy growth of your lovely pet!

Carefully polish each product to make pets healthier and happier, and to make pet owners feel more secure and worry-free.

Pet cleaning tools, urine pads, cat litter, hair stickers, combs, pet nail clippers, pet shampoo body wash, liquid medicine, bath brush...
Collars, leash, chest harness, pet clothing, shoes, muzzle...
Pet Wearables
Rope tug  toys,plush toys, super chewer,enrichment toys,tough toys, outdoor toys...
Pet Toys
Many years of industry experience
72 outstanding elite team
26 regional partners
12 qualifications
 Shanghai AibiBuddy Pet Products Co., Ltd

  Shanghai AibiBuddy Pet Products Co., Ltd. is dedicated to continuous innovation, research and development and production of high quality pet products enterprises. Make " making pets healthier and happier, and making pet owners more secure and worry-free " as the mission, carefully refine every pet product, focus on the continuous research and exploration of pet products, continue to pay attention to the needs of interaction between people and pets.


  keep pace with the times and constantly introduce new ones, and continue to meet the growing needs of pet lovers and pet owners in different scenarios.In line with the original intention of accompanying each other with love, being companions with each other, and accompanying pets, we work with consumers to create happy pet care. Pet Life strives to create a full range of product solutions for lovely pets.

Advanced factory is the guarantee of quality

Excellent staff is the cornerstone of quality

Safety first quality first

Cross-border cooperation is the wings of take-off

Product development, all from the animal health and happiness needs

The pursuit of excellence is our non-stop pace

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