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Tighten the "civilized rope" and become a civilized dog owner
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Dogs are friends of humans and have brought us a lot of beauty in our lives. However, due to the uncivilized behavior of some dog owners, such as walking the dog without leash and not cleaning pet feces in a timely manner, they have caused a lot of trouble and even personal injury to others, and social problems have become increasingly prominent.

Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China

Article 30: Clear provisions

Units and individuals raising dogs

Regular immunization against rabies should be carried out according to regulations

Carrying dogs out of the house

Wear dog tags and take measures such as tying dog leashes according to regulations

Warm reminder for civilized dog breeding

Walking a dog requires a leash

The dog needs to be cleaned up

Not keeping strong dogs

Hope dog lovers

Everyone can be a civilized dog owner

Let people and dogs coexist harmoniously in the city

Starting from the dog entering the house

It is a member of the family

Masters should take it seriously

Everything about dogs

Civilized dog breeding is the true love for it