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Season changing cleaning, don't overlook the cleaning of pet products!
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At the end of June, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Taking advantage of the seasonal change, many people also tidy up their homes, remove some out of season items and clothing, and have a seasonal cleaning. But while paying attention to the cleanliness of human living environment and products, don't forget that cats, dogs, and daily necessities also need to be cleaned! Today, let's talk about what pet products need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

1 Pet collars and straps

No matter what material the collar is made of, it is easy to get wet and dirty, which can breed bacteria and fungi. If not regularly cleaned, disinfected, and updated, cats and dogs can easily come into contact with local skin infections.

2 Toys

Pet toys are very easy to accumulate dirt and grime, especially those toys that are bitten or picked up by dogs. Toys made of different materials have different cleaning methods. For example, hard toys can be soaked in a mixture of white vinegar and water for a period of time, then thoroughly cleaned and dried at room temperature; Plush toys can be scalded with hot water, thoroughly cleaned with baking soda, and finally dried by air or low temperature; The best way for rubber toys is to wash them by hand and then air dry them naturally; Soft rope toys are prone to breeding bacteria, and it is important to regularly disinfect them with hot water or the high-temperature cleaning function of the washing machine.

3 Cat climbing frame and cat scratching board

Cat climbing frames and cat scratching boards may also be contaminated with various pathogens, and timely cleaning is also important. But be sure to air dry thoroughly before reusing the cat to ensure there is no smell of detergent or disinfectant.

4 Pet Nest

It is recommended to clean the entire nest of cats and dogs. If there is a cover, it can be replaced and thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. But before cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove hair and dandruff. After cleaning, you can also put the nest in the sun for better sterilization and disinfection.

5 Water Bowl and Food Bowl

It is best to clean the water bowl and food bowl once a day to prevent pets from ingesting bacteria and pathogens while eating and drinking, which can lead to diseases.

6 Cat litter box

The cleaning frequency of the cat litter box is recommended to shovel feces daily, change the sand and clean it weekly, and thoroughly clean it every month. If there are too many scratches on the litter box, it should be discarded and replaced in a timely manner. A cat litter box with automatic defecation function, also remember to regularly store the parts inside.

Many cleaning products that are suitable for humans are actually not friendly to cats and dogs, even if they are environmentally friendly, organic, and pure natural. Therefore, when cleaning pet products, it is recommended to choose and purchase specialized pet product cleaners or pet friendly cleaning products, so as to achieve cleaning effects without causing harm to pets.